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Casca was born and raised in a poor mountainous farming village along an unspecified border between two warring nations. Her parents sold her at a young age into the service of a local lord who wanted a new serving girl. En route to the lord's estate, Casca learned that the noble did not want her for domestic duties, but to fulfill his sexual desires, something Casca did not want. Casca attempted to escape, but was overtaken by the lord, who attempted to assert himself upon her against her will.

Casca was rescued by Griffith and members of the Band of the Hawk; interestingly, Griffith did not rescue her directly, but lent her a sword which she used to kill the noble. With nowhere else to turn, she learned to wield a sword and joined the Hawks, eventually rising to the rank of commander. Casca is a skilled sword fighter, and until Guts arrived, she was Griffith's second-in-command.

Casca arrived in Anatole on July 18th of 2012 after Griffith's capture by the King of Midland, and immediately following Guts' return to the Band of the Hawk. She was reunited with her commander and the raid leader upon arrival in the Victorian city, an occasion that was as momentous as it was inauspicious. Events that followed caused a strain upon the already unstable trio, one which was often made more complicated by the rise and fall of the Mist.

Shortly after Griffith and Guts disappeared following an attempt to close the Gate to Erebos, Casca found herself burdened by a terrible decision: to cling to the past, or to move on and begin living her life for herself. After careful consideration, she endeavored to try and move forward...

She is the commanding officer of the Search & Rescue division of the Alliance.

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